If you sat our Luxy crew down and asked if they could do anything in the world right now to communicate a message, what would they do, the answer would hands down be film. We use the best equipment available to translate your vision to reality, and deliver a message so compelling, you win your audience over for life. How do we know? We regularly write, direct, produce and film our own movies, and experience the exhilaration of sharing mind-blowing stories with a packed theater.

Light Up To LiveReleased 2017

Light Up To Live

Released 2017

LOGLINE: Five roads to recovery through the power of light, hope and a second chance at life.

SYNOPSIS: Dive into the lives of five veterans and learn who they were before they served our country, how they suffered their own unique TBI that halted their service while in combat, and their difficult transition back home to their families and civilian life. They will each be given a SPECT brain scan at the start and end of a 12 week therapy of "In Light Wellness" (low level light therapy) to see the direct results of this new FDA cleared product that will give new light and hope. Each veteran carries a different, impactful story of sacrifice, struggles, missed diagnosis, suicidal thoughts and tendencies, and the battle back for the life they once had--but now there is light at the end of the tunnel. .

Operation TorrentRelease 2018

Operation Torrent

Release 2018

LOGLINE: One man, a 750 mile race. In an effort to reconnect

SYNOPSIS:Telling the story of the incredible veteran, Joshua Collins, who braves over 750 miles of unpredictable ocean and dangerous wilderness on a paddle board from Port Townsend, WA to Ketchikan, Alaska. Not only are the currents and winds unpredictable, there are sharks in the water and he will be rough camping in an area known for it's Grizzly Bear population. At the end of the day, the enemy within--his own mind--is even greater than the threat of the wild.

At The Breaking PointRelease 2018

At The Breaking Point

Release 2018

LOGLINE: Every artist struggles, but it’s the choices they make that define them.

SYNOPSIS: There is a defining moment in each band’s existence that is more powerful then the music itself. A moment that their business and communication choices, and not the notes or melody they write, will help them reach a level of success they never dreamed of before they wrote their first song, or begin the rapid descent into obscurity.

Every artist understands the tools they use to create their art, but in our fast-paced, digital culture, do they understand how to get people to look at their art and be moved by what they experience? The choices the band makes about how to interact and reach fans will propel them relentlessly to the breaking point--the question is, will they break through or break down?

Deep Ellum The MovieRelease 2018

Deep Ellum The Movie

Release 2018

LOGLINE: The story of a community rich in music, culture and controversary that rises from the ashes.

SYNOPSIS: In Dallas Texas there is a little neighborhood that has produced some of the most talented musicians, bands and artists the world has ever known. However there is so much more to the story. Deep Ellum:The Movie explores this story and digs deep into the rich history and the many controversies that surround this infamous area. You will have a front row seat to all of the fascinating facts about this beloved neighborhood known as Deep Ellum.