RedLux Explained

RedLux Explained

Red: The color of hunger; instantly attracts attention, creates excitement and energy and increases the heart rate.
Lux: Light stimulates vision, illuminates a problem or understanding; enlightenment.

RedLux is committed to excellence. Our reputation comes from the quality of our work and the support of the people giving their time, talents and abilities to further our cause. We want the top talent in the country with the most brilliant ideas, being supported in ways so amazing that they want to promote their company and are proud to be a part of Red Lux.

All-Star Attraction:

We are committed to hiring the right people for the right positions, and ensuring our teams work well together and with the other teams within Red Lux. While each individual skill set will vary by department, our All Star teams will share some common traits: commitment to success, love of physical activity, care about mental and physical health, energetic, social, brand ambassadors.

Community Involvement:

We want our people to participate in the film, production, writing, sales and financial communities, respectively. We want to encourage our employees to be as deep within their communities as possible, because we understand that if you are spending time with key clients and nurturing deep friendships and relationships, attraction to the company will naturally occur.


We want to encourage employee growth from the outset. Our initiatives will include help with continuing education, offer business and sales courses once per year, and local educational and networking events will be highly encouraged. While none of this is mandatory, our employees will have the opportunity to become more valuable to the marketplace as a whole, which will ensure company growth in pace with each individual’s personal growth.


We want our employees to have a deep sense of ownership over their departments, ideas and contribution. Every employee, no matter what department they are in, should be selected, trained, groomed and refined to run their section as smoothly, efficiently and dynamically as the CEO.

Honesty and Humility:

We want our employees and leaders to communicate transparently, honestly and with integrity. We want mistakes to be openly discussed with humility and an action plan to correct the issue.

Culture-Based Programs:

Intern and Extern Programs: Students currently in school or just graduated can work for free in exchange for experience in the field. Once completed, Interns and Externs will receive a letter of recommendation (provided they complete the program and meet all program requirements) and the highest ranking Interns and Externs will qualify for an application into the Residency program.

  • interns currently in school can offer between 5-20 hours per week of free labor
  • externs recently graduated can offer 30-40 hours per week for a maximum of 6 weeks

Residency Program: This program will be designed for graduated students that have completed an externship and have some knowledge in the field. The program requirements will include 3 letters of recommendation from teachers or producers they have worked with and have a tuition fee for the 6 month course work.

  • Courses Offered for Residents:
  • Complete Film Making Course
  • Screenwriting
  • Audio Lectures
  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Sound
  • Editing
  • Producing

Fellowship Program: This program is designed for established producers, film makers, videographers, cinematographers and creatives who want to further their knowledge and expand their networks professionally. This program will offer 3 modular unit studies for further education, provide 2 networking events per year, and offer a film contest. The top professionals in the Fellowship program will be eligible for a private, exclusive Mastermind Group, with the potential to have their IP bought or project funded.